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Moroccan Gold Oil

Moroccan Gold Oil

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Moroccan argan oil consists of:-

Vitamin E, Vitamin E, fatty acids, which are represented by linoleic acid by 36.8%, oleic acid by 4.8%, stearic acid by 6.0%, palmitic acid by 12.0%, in addition to essential fatty acids, which are represented by Omega-6 and Omega

The process of extracting Moroccan Argan Oil is carried out by cold

The process of squeezing Moroccan Argan Oil is completely manual

The source of argan oil from the argan tree is in the state of Morocco only

The filling is carried out in dark-colored glass bottles to keep the oil from oxidizing

Argan Oil has a nutty aroma that completely disappears after use

Argan oil is quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy traces on the skin

There are no aromatic additives, other oils or preservatives

The texture of argan oil is very light, similar to water, because it contains fast-absorbing substances

The color of the original Moroccan Argan Oil is light golden yellow

The benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil on the skin

Treats cracked heels

Treats dry and chapped lips

Helps in the treatment and Prevention of white streaks in the abdomen and body

Natural skin moisturizer

Nourishing and moisturizing for dry skin

Reduces the effects of skin cracks the package size is 50 ml

Treats acne and scars

Delays the appearance of signs of aging

Restoration of the skin barrier in general

Strengthening of nails

Restores skin elasticity and elasticity

Treats dark circles under the eyes (non-visual)

Treats burn scars, wounds and measles scars in children

The benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil on hair

Promotes and activates hair growth

Nourishing for the scalp

Increases the smoothness and shine of hair

Stop hair loss

Dandruff hair removal

Support hair health and make it shiny

Prevents fading of dyed hair color

Natural hair conditioner and conditioner

Natural hair serum after hair washing

Protect hair from sunlight

Protect hair from chlorine in swimming pools

Package size 50 ml


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