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100% pure argan oil imported from Morocco

It is used for hair and skin  

The benefits of argan oil for hair

Improve scalp health-

Natural moisturizer and conditioner for hair-

Protection from the danger of sunlight package size 50   -

Helps fight frizz-

Constantly restoring shine to lively hair-

Helps fight dandruff-

Reduce frizzy hair loss-

Nourishes the hair with the nutrients it needs due to the content of vitamin E-

Promotes healthy hair growth-

Prevents styling and coloring damage-

Improve the texture of hair marking


How to use Argana oil for hair and scalp:

To improve the health of the hair, we start by putting from 3 to 5 drops for long hair and from 1 to 3 for short hair and warm them between the palms of the hands, then massage the hair with attention to the ends, and after finishing the hair, we add a point on the fingertips and start massaging the use as a moisturizer and a deep therapist (oil bath), we warm from 5 to 10 points between the palms of the hands and start massaging the scalp to the ends of the hair, cover the hair with a headscarf, leave overnight and wash well in the morning used twice a week .


The benefits of argan oil for the skin:

Reduces wrinkles and is a moisturizer for the whole body-

Helps to improve skin color and lighten it-

Helps to remove dark circles in the eyes and dull dark spots-

Keeps the skin soft, healthy and hydrated -

Perfect protection against stretch marks and sagging wrinkled skin after childbirth-

Helps ensure lips stay full and supple-

Helps prevent the effects of acne and treats skin infections-

Acts as a natural skin toner-

 Effective for feet and hands (its softening properties are ideal for brittle nails and cracked skin on the feet)-

Helps reduce burn scars-

Repair damaged skin and provide it with nutrients that prevent further dryness and irritation-

Excellent for men after shaving-

Has an anti-aging effect (helps the skin to look more youthful)-

Safe for use on children's skin .


How to use Argana oil for skin:

To get the best results from the use of Argana oil, a few drops are placed on the face and neck and they are massaged before bedtime, as it acts as a natural moisturizer and reduces the symptoms of aging

Apply to dry lips from the outside only like a lip balm

Applied as a moisturizer to the skin and body and gently massaged with circular movements

Apply to places of wounds or inflamed skin

Apply 2 to 3 drops of oil to the stretch marks and massage the folds of the body where the stretch is located

Applied to the nails as a nail polish


Package size 50 ml


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